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When we look at the people who do research and studies on the old Turkish inscriptions and the old Turkish language in the field of Turkology, it is remarkable that the names of Russian and German Turkologists are commonly in the foreground. Although they have done extremely successful studies and written works (books, articles, and papers), it is seen that the names and works of scientists in Turkey and the Turkish world are not given many places in the literature.

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that the number of scientists who research and analyze the old Turkish inscriptions and the old Turkish language in the Turkish world is very low. Of course, there are different reasons for this. During the Soviet Union Period, there are very few people preferred to work in this field, as it was considered by scholars to be risky to work on old Turkish inscriptions and the old Turkish language.

AYDAROV deserves the titles of "great scholar" and "wise" to the end thanks to his scientific-academic studies and works he has written in the field of Turcology.

Gubeydulla AYDAROV was one of the fearless scientists who did scientific-academic studies and wrote books on old Turkish inscriptions and the old Turkish language during the Soviet Union Period.

AYDAROV made a very important contribution to the study of Turkology by writing valuable works and educating students and academics both during the Soviet Union period and during the independent and free Republic of Kazakhstan period.

This article, it is aimed to give information about AYDAROV's life and his contributions to the studies of the old Turkish language and to make him and his works known by young scientists.


Gubeydulla AYDAROV, Turkology, old Turkic inscriptions, old Turkic language, Kazakhstan


Alyılmaz, C. (2022). Eski Türk yazıtlarının âlimi / bilgesi Gubeydulla Aydarov. BUGU Dil ve Eğitim Dergisi, 3(3), 191-199.

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