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The role of scientists in the development and advancement of scientific disciplines is pivotal, independent of the level of support provided for science. Indeed, many disciplines have developed and become acclaimed thanks to the selfless work of devoted scientists. Likewise, the field of Turkology has become what it is today thanks to the efforts of some individuals, in addition to the efforts of the institutions in Turkey and abroad.

Also named as “Russian Turkology”, the “Turkology studies in Russia” are known to be strongly supported in the context of a state policy with a history of more than a century. However, the studies of certain scientists played a significant role in shaping Russian Turkology.

One of the scientists who left their mark on the field of Russian Turkology is Dmitri Dmitrieviç VASİLYEV. VASİLYEV’s works are mainly on ancient Turkic history and ancient Turkic inscriptions. However, he did not confine himself to these aspects of Turkology as he conducted many studies and wrote many papers on the lives, beliefs, languages, literature works, and cultures of the Turks.

Russian Academy of Sciences member Dmitri Dmitriyeviç VASİLYEV, who dedicated his life to Turkology, Turkic history, and Turkic inscriptions, passed away of Covid-19 on 18 January 2021. 

In this article, the life and the character of VASİLYEV, as well as some of his studies on Turkology and epigraphy, were discussed.


Dmitri Dmitriyeviç VASİLYEV, Russian Federation, Turkology, ancient Turkic inscriptions, history


Alyılmaz, C. (2021). Dmitri Dmitriyeviç Vasilyev’in ardından. BUGU Dil ve Eğitim Dergisi, 2(1), 1-28.

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