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It is observed throughout history that some scientists, artists, and intellectuals play a significant role in carrying values related to culture, language, literature, and art to the future, acting as pioneers. While enduring many difficulties and poverty in their lives, these exceptional people worked unselfishly and contributed greatly to their fields. At first, the actions of these extraordinary people drew strange reactions from ordinary people. With time, the said actions became accepted and started to make difference in the world.

Contributing significantly to Turkish art history, Turkish cultural history, Turkish language, and Turkish epigraphics with the visual arts and illustration works he carried out in Turkey, Levent Alyap was born in Erzurum on May 3, 1977.

Alyap's works are based on old Turkic culture and civilization, art, language, living, and beliefs.

Utilizing information technologies also, Levent Alyap creates unique illustrations, designs, logos, and emblems; creates fonts influenced by old Turkic inscriptions' paleographic, calligraphic, and epigraphic characteristics; and writes related substantial papers.

In 2012, Alyap was awarded the "Turkic World Service Award" because of his successful work and exceptional designs by Valeh Hacılar International Scientific and Cultural Research Foundation, based in Georgia.

Along with his academic practices and prosperous studies, he also works as the art consultant and illustrator for the International Association of Turkish Literature and Culture Education (TEKE), International Journal of TEKE, TEKE Academy, and BUGU Journal of Language and Education.

This study is focused on Levent Alyap's brief biography, art, and various logos he designed.


Levent ALYAP, visual arts, graphic design, illustrator, logo, emblem, International Association of Turkish Literature and Culture Education (TEKE), BUGU Journal of Language and Education.


Alyılmaz, C. (2021). Görsel sanatlar uzmanı ve illüstratör Levent Alyap’ın hazırladığı bazı logolar üzerine. BUGU Dil ve Eğitim Dergisi, 2(2), 129-161.

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