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In order to achieve the goal of reaching more people in line with the opportunities offered by the digital environment, public organizations operating in the field of education, private organizations, academic journals, associations, student communities, etc. there are many YouTube channels that belong to it. The number of people using the Internet in the world in 2021 is 4,6 about a billion. With the spread of the use of electronic tools used other than computers (phone, tablet), the time spent on the Internet in a day has reached about 7 hours. Especially in the process of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sharing of information has become even more important through distance education and videos supporting distance education. TEKE ACADEMY YouTube Channel, the foundations of which were laid in this process, also contributed to the information flow of Turkology with different video shares and live broadcasts in different fields related to Turkology.  Considering the influence of technology and the internet on the masses, it is known that social networks have an important role in contributing to the knowledge of individuals in the field they are interested in by using the educational aspect of the technology-education relationship to educate society.

TEKE ACADEMY YouTube channel, which was established in line with the changes in the field of education in the world, started broadcasting on May 1, 2020. Content created by TEKE ACADEMY in accordance with the objectives and principles set by Association of Turkish Literature Culture Education such as "doing research for the activation and development of activities, organizing training activities such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels" is offered to the use of interested parties through the YouTube channel.

The aim of this research is to determine the contributions of 53 videos on TEKE ACADEMY YouTube channel to Turkology. As a result of the data obtained, the "Scientific Speeches" section with 22 videos was determined as the section with the most content. Other results obtained are expressed in graphs.


YouTube, TEKE ACADEMY, Turcology, International Association of Turkish Literature Culture Education


Şen, N. (2021). Teke akademi youtube kanalı’nın Türkolojiye katkıları. BUGU Dil ve Eğitim Dergisi, 2(4), 380-392.

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